Focus Areas

Explore our priority areas to achieve our vision of inclusive and equitable quality education and for all IED Center’s Network supports the work of education champions in developing Our country — and helps  Children’ basic education around the Country.

 Our approach

In our work, we reflect on the curriculum and teaching practices in the ECE center and support the early childhood development centers in responding to students' and families' life experiences. IED-center consultants listen to the needs of schools and educators; learn about their current activities; then improve services that respond to needs and leverage initiatives


Focuses on providing comprehensive training for early childhood educators and caregivers, ultimately leading to a professional Early Childhood Education (ECE) certificate. We offer training of home/mobile babysitters and offer workshops and cohorts for existing educators to enhance their skills and stay updated with research-based practices.

IED center serves as a collaborative hub, facilitating knowledge transfer and promoting positive changes in the field. Our program equips educators with the necessary expertise to create nurturing and stimulating learning environments for children, and we are dedicated to fostering a community of skilled and passionate educators. Ultimately, our goal is to elevate the standards of early childhood education and ensure that every child receives a strong educational foundation.

•Hanaqaad Network
• Teacher training Babysitter

• Consultations/Projects


Ied center will cater to the ECE centers to bring about the changes , Research based paractices ‘ prober knowledge transfer and perspectives that can prepare educators to work with diverse groups in an inclusive manner that adressess student’s learning at all leves of development , the prober credientals and certifcations is important for the successfull development of children .

Training early childhood educators


Hanaqaad Network

Babysitter program


Parenting can prove to be an arduous task as there's no clear-cut formula for success. It's a journey of constant learning that necessitates time and perseverance to grasp your child's individual necessities and aspirations. At Garabwaalid, our hope is to provide parents with the comprehensive support system they need to navigate this journey with confidence and joy. We have designed a range of services that are tailored to equip parents with essential tools to comprehend their child's holistic development and meet their unique requirements. Our goal is to empower parents with knowledge and resources that enable them to foster a nurturing environment for their child's growth and well-being.

• Parenting Course

• Group Discussions

• Workshops
• Consultations


Parenting Program

  • Program duration: 3 weeks
  • Frequency of session – weekly  
  • Session duration: 60–120-minute classes held weekly. 
  • Optional: 60 additional minutes for special needs parenting
What can You expect from the parenting program

you can expect to cover the key of learning good parenting from :parenting and additional thing that helps you to become a good parent.

  1. Normal parenting
  2. Special needs parenting

Parenting workshops

Parenting workshops are educational programs designed to provide parents and caregivers with information and skills related to raising children.The aim is to help parents learn strategies for raising well-adjusted kids by addressing typical challenges. Workshops empower parents with evidence-based parenting knowledge and techniques.Our Facilitators Workshops are commonly led by professionals like social workers, counselors, educators, child psychologists, or experienced parent coaches.Our Participants are Parents from all backgrounds with children of varying ages may attend. Workshops welcome first-time parents through experienced ones.parenting workshops provide invaluable education and support to help parents strengthen their skills and confidence in raising children.



Abaabshe is a transformative program designed to empower Somali children, investing in their lives and equipping them to create lasting change within themselves and their communities. we are committed to enhancing children's physical, emotional, and cognitive development. Through our self-development programs, we challenge them to grow physically, emotionally, and intellectually, unlocking their inherent capabilities. Our hope is to stimulate effective activities that fosters the holistic development of children aged 3 to 12, enabling them to reach their full potential in a fun-filled aproach .

• Summer Program

• Play Dates
• karate training
• Abaabi Aqriye


Abaabshe focuses on children between
the ages of 0 to 12. We enhance
children’s physical, emotional and
cognitive development to reach their full
potential. We provide self-development
programs that are
designed to challenge them physically,
emotionally, and intellectually.
Part of the program is nurturing parent
and child bond through play. We provide
intentful games for parents and children
to get to know one another in a relaxed

Summer program


Twice a year ( June & July - December & January)



Once a Month ( Thursday Time: 3PM-5PM)